Basic Homicide Investigation - Two Day Course

Death investigations are complex and unique.  No other type of criminal investigation is as demanding on an agency’s resources nor draws more public attention than death investigations. This two-day course provides criminal justice professionals with the requisite basic knowledge required to successfully investigate a death investigation.  The training focuses on proven techniques and procedures to manage, investigate, and successfully prosecute homicide cases. The course is designed for personnel with little or no experience investigating death cases and provides a step by step process for investigators to follow in order to bring the case to a successful conclusion.  

At the conclusion of the course, the investigator will:

  • Know responsibilities of a Homicide Investigator and duties of First Responders
  • Crime Scene analysis including wound analysis
  • Homicide Types and Offender Motivation
  • Crime Scene processing
  • Laboratory capabilities and evidence processing
  • Role of Coroner and Medical Examiner
  • Case Management
  • Documentation and Report Writing
  • Media Relations
  • Prosecution and Legal Matters

These topics will be discussed in depth and displayed using case studies.

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